Mark Prisk

Hertford and Stortford


AQA has taken a unilateral decision to scrap the A-level in Polish from 2018. Are you going to lobby the AQA to reverse their decision? If yes, are there any other actions which you would undertake in order to preserve the Polish A-level?!

I am not familiar with the issue about Polish A levels. I believe there should be local freedom for head teachers so if the community shows there is sufficient demand to take a language like Polish, then they are free to make it available to study.

Poland was the most loyal ally of Britain in the Second World War. Would you support a ban on British media falsely labelling the German concentration and death camps as being “Polish” e.g. Polish ghetto, death camps of Poland, or, Poland’s Auschwitz?

You are so right to highlight the bravery and dedication of many Poles to fighting the Nazis in the last world war.  I very much respect and admire the courage of the Polish people through the 20th century as the country was invaded and occupied by both Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia.  You are so right about the concentration camps. These were Nazi camps, nothing else. Sadly some people’s historical knowledge is poor and many do not understand what a staunch ally and friend Poland – and its people – is to us here in the UK.

Do you support promoting information about the positive contribution of Polish immigrants to the economy of the UK?

Locally I have also found that Poles living here work hard and want to contribute to our society.

Questions were sent out before the elections.