Rob Marris

Wolverhampton South West


AQA has taken a unilateral decision to scrap the A-level in Polish from 2018. Are you going to lobby the AQA to reverse their decision? If yes, are there any other actions which you would undertake in order to preserve the Polish A-level?

A. The Conservative/Liberal Democrat government’s chaotic changes to the exam system mean that some GCSE and A Level qualifications in languages including Gujarati, Punjabi, Turkish, Polish, Portuguese, Modern Hebrew and Bengali will be lost. The position of the Labour Party is crystal clear: had formed the government, that decision will be reversed.

B.  UK has a poor record on foreign languages, and students need to be encouraged to learn them, both for cultural reasons of mutual understanding and for trading reasons.

Poland was the most loyal ally of Britain in the Second World War and the Polish army contributed to the defeat of Nazi Germany. Would you therefore challenge some of the British media falsely labelling the German concentration and death camps as being “Polish” e.g. Polish ghetto, death camps of Poland, or, Poland’s Auschwitz?

It is highly regrettable that Nazi concentration camps geographically located in occupied Poland are referred to as “Polish”. Journalists and others should be encouraged to refrain from using inaccurate and misleading language in that regard.

Do you support promoting information about the positive contribution of Polish immigrants to the economy of the UK?

I value warm relations between UK and Poland, not least because of our historical links going back to 1939 (my father spent 7 years in the RAF 1939 to 1946 – enough said), and the long-standing Polish community in Wolverhampton, recently enhanced by new arrivals.

Could you give me some idea of the sorts of initiatives you have in mind for promoting information about the positive contribution of Polish immigrants to the economy of the UK?

In the event of Brexit, would you support granting an unconditional Indefinite Leave To Remain to the EU citizens who have lived and worked in Britain under the freedom of movement rules?

I feel strongly that UK should remain a member state of the EU, and I am not about to start second-guessing rules for an exit which I will fight hard against and which I believe will not happen.

Would you consider joining the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Poland and finding out about its activities and initiatives?

As a Member of Parliament, I shall do what I can to foster continued warm relations between UK and Poland.

Questions were sent out after the elections.