Jonathan Lord



AQA has taken a unilateral decision to scrap the A-level in Polish from 2018. Are you going to lobby the AQA to reverse their decision? If yes, are there any other actions which you would undertake in order to preserve the Polish A-level?!

I wasn’t aware of this decision but I would be very happy to make a representation on your behalf about this issue if you get in touch with me after the election.

Poland was the most loyal ally of Britain in the Second World War. Would you support a ban on British media falsely labelling the German concentration and death camps as being “Polish” e.g. Polish ghetto, death camps of Poland, or, Poland’s Auschwitz?

I don’t think I would support an outright ban on the media because I think it would be against the principle of free speech, which is after all a value that both Britain and Poland fought together to protect in the Second World War. However, I do condemn such language and would encourage a better understanding of the facts in the media. I am a strong supporter of organisations such as The Holocaust Educational Trust, who do wonderful work with schools to help educate children and young people about what really happened at places like Auschwitz.

Do you support promoting information about the positive contribution of Polish immigrants to the economy of the UK?

Yes, Polish people come to the UK to work hard and make a contribution to the economy.

In the event of Brexit, would you support granting an unconditional Indefinite Leave To Remain to the EU citizens who have lived and worked in Britain under the freedom of movement rules?

I think it unlikely that Britain will exit the EU and I don’t think we should discuss all the detailed implications of such a decision until a later stage, but if such a scenario were to happen there would have to be some sort of arrangement for EU citizens residing in the UK to be able to remain

If you were to be elected to the Parliament, would you join and support the activities of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Poland?

Yes, I’d be happy in principle to support the APPG. I have been kept updated on the work of the group by my colleague, Daniel Kawczynski, who has been the chair.

Questions were sent out before the elections.