David Lammy



AQA has taken a unilateral decision to scrap the A-level in Polish from 2018. Are you going to lobby the AQA to reverse their decision? If yes, are there any other actions which you would undertake in order to preserve the Polish A-level?!

David was deeply concerned by the announcement of AQA and OCR to discontinue a number of foreign language qualifications including A-Level Polish. He wrote an urgent letter to his colleague Tristram Hunt, the Shadow Secretary of State for Education on the matter. Labour has issued an urgent call for Ministers to take immediate action to prevent the loss of subjects, following the Government’s chaotic changes to GCSEs and A Levels.

Poland was the most loyal ally of Britain in the Second World War. Would you support a ban on British media falsely labelling the German concentration and death camps as being “Polish” e.g. Polish ghetto, death camps of Poland, or, Poland’s Auschwitz?

Of course media outlets have a responsibility to ensure what they are reported is an accurate representation of the facts. Any inaccuracies should be dealt with properly by an independent regulator such as Ofcom. It is important we preserve a free press in the UK, that has effective mechanisms for oversight and scrutiny.

Do you support promoting information about the positive contribution of Polish immigrants to the economy of the UK?

As the son of two immigrants, David is incredibly passionate about the benefits that immigrants bring to this country. Not only in terms of economics, but immigrants enrich the cultural fabric of society here in the UK and indeed here in Tottenham- the most diverse constituency in the UK. David will continue to speak out on how immigrants from across the world have brought significant benefits to the UK.

In the event of Brexit, would you support granting an unconditional Indefinite Leave To Remain to the EU citizens who have lived and worked in Britain under the freedom of movement rules?

David is strongly against the UK’s withdrawal of the EU. However, if such an event were to arise David would support an amnesty for EU immigrants living here in Tottenham who have worked hard and contributed to society to be granted leave to remain if they so wish.

If you were to be elected to the Parliament, would you join and support the activities of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Poland?

David is a member of a number of APPGs, including his chairmanship of the APPGs on Crossrail 2, Race and Community, Wellbeing Economics and the London-Stansted-Cambridge Corridor. He will endeavour to join the APPG on Poland if elected.

Questions were sent out before the elections.