Daniel Kawczynski

Shrewsbury and Atcham


AQA has taken a unilateral decision to scrap the A-level in Polish from 2018. Are you going to lobby the AQA to reverse their decision? If yes, are there any other actions which you would undertake in order to preserve the Polish A-level?!

I have raised this issue in House of Commons during the debate on lesser taught languages led by a Conservative MP Nick de Bois. I have mentioned then that learning Polish is very important in maintaining a good relationship with Poland, not only because of our historical and cultural ties, but also because economically Poland is and should be one of our most important trade partners. I am glad that Nicky Morgan, Secretary of State for Education, has promised that future Conservative Government would guarantee the security of a Polish A-level. If AQA will not reverse their decision in the first month of a new Government, we will ensure that immediate action is taken. Przy okazji mowie po polsku, mam co tydzien lekcje i byc moze w przyszlosci sam podjalbym polski A-level

Poland was the most loyal ally of Britain in the Second World War. Would you support a ban on British media falsely labelling the German concentration and death camps as being “Polish” e.g. Polish ghetto, death camps of Poland, or, Poland’s Auschwitz?

It is utterly appalling that some media tend to use such false and wrong phrases. I have raised this issue in the past with the BBC and other media who may have made such mistakes. I do hope that these are not deliberate attempts to blame Poland for the atrocities caused by the Nazi German state. I will keep on challenging the media to use the correct terminology and to appreciate the Polish contribution during the Second World War

Do you support promoting information about the positive contribution of Polish immigrants to the economy of the UK?

I have always promoted the positive contribution of the Polish immigrants especially during my roles as the Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Poland and a Special Adviser to Prime Minister David Cameron on the Central and Eastern Europeans living in the UK. On the internet you can watch my speeches defending the contribution of Polish pilots during the war, the Polish cryptologists in breaking the Enigma Code and the hardworking and law-abiding Polish immigrants these days

In the event of Brexit, would you support granting an unconditional Indefinite Leave To Remain to the EU citizens who have lived and worked in Britain under the freedom of movement rules?

I believe that giving British people a referendum on the EU is a very important matter. UKIP wants to desperately leave the EU no matter what, Labour does not want people to have a say on such important issues in the belief that they know better. I believe that a government should let people decide whether we want to stay in or out. EU is increasingly tending to become a super-state and some people are concerned. Polish people and British people value independence, that is why I hope we will stay in Europe provided that it will not further diminish the power of our national governments. Would Poles accept, for example, the Euro currency today? I am sure that they would not. I can assure Polish people who have worked and lived here that in event of ‘Brexit’, it is obvious that they would be allowed to stay

If you were to be elected to the Parliament, would you join and support the activities of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Poland?

In the last Parliament as a Chairman of the Group I have organised debates on Polish immigration with the leaders of the community, think-tanks and many Polish organisations. I have frequently met with the Polish Ambassador and encouraged British and Polish trade to flourish. I have been meeting with the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce, Polish Professionals in London and other groups. I would be pleased to get involved in the APPGP again

Questions were sent out before the elections.