Dar Młodzieży (Gift of Youth) in Poland

The Polish tall ship Dar Młodzieży (Gift of Youth) docked in Gdynia, northern Poland, on Thursday after a round-the-world Independence Cruise marking the Polish independence centenary, during which the ship visited 23 ports in several countries.

At a special welcoming gala on Gdynia’s Kościuszko Square, Maritime Economy and Inland Waterways Minister Marek Gróbarczyk announced plans for the construction of a successor to the Dar Młodzieży. Jarosław Sellin, the government’s commissioner for the independence centenary celebrations, suggested the new ship be named “Gift of the Nation” or “Gift of Poland”.

During the 10-month Independence Cruise the Dar Młodzieży visited among others Tallinn, Copenhagen, Stavanger, Bremerhaven, Bordeaux, Tenerife, Dakar, Cape Town, Mauritius, Jakarta, Singapore, Shanghai, Osaka, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Acapulco, Panama, Miami, Ponta Delgada and London.

In each of the ports, the voyage organisers presented events promoting Poland and its independence anniversary. The highlight of the voyage was the ship’s presence at the January 2019 World Youth Day event in Panama.

Source: The First News/Maciej Bankowski/AB

Picture: Adam Warżawa/PAP

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